Google AdWords

Address your target audience according to what they are looking for

Choose a marketing budget that suits you and pay only for clients who respond to your ads. Increase the revenue of your company and gain new paying customers. The google ad. will only be available for target audience that you choose. We will help you to create a google ad. campaign and to choose the most appropriate and strategy that fits your budget. Apply now!

Meeting with You

The goal is to evaluate Google ad. campaign main gaols according to the branch of Your company and the specification of the work

Expected results and budget

Analysing competition and keywords, that allow to expect the results. Agreeing on the budget that is needed for a successful return of the campaign

Developing AdWords

Integrating the ad. campaign in your website. Creating and introducing texts for AdWords


Ongoing monitoring and optimisation of the campaign. The last step in the AdWords campaign. Collecting and analysing the data

What can we offer offers You to create a professional campaign and strategy for Google ad. (AdWords), as well as continues monitoring, management and optimisation of the campaign, to achieve significant results.

  • Creating advertisement campaign fast
  • Paying only for clicks that reach you site
  • Choosing a campaign budget that meets your possibilities
  • It is possible to change the keyword while the campaign is in action
  • Creating different advertisements for different keywords

Google AdWords is a highly effective type of advertisement, while your particular ad. is only addressed to the audience or internet users, that have used search engines in order to look for keywords that you choose. Which means that high return on the advertisement campaign is gained! You will find not only potential clients, but also ready-to-pay clients for you company.

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